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From hidden immersive sound to creating perfect outdoor ambiance With our outdoor audio listen to your music in sun, rain, wind and snow,

Acoustic Art

We set out to find the best possible sound from the best looking speakers. As a result we were led to a revolutionary designer of high-performing audio solutions and acoustic experiences that could be displayed in museums. The brand is one of the world's largest and most prestigious manufacturers of transducers and loud speakers. What separates them from other brands is that they operate at the crossroad between audio design and architecture. They offer a wide range of immersive speakers designed to be the perfect fusion between form and function, inspired by nature.

Each speaker, individually and meticulously produced by skilled craftsmen, is a unique piece of sound art, offering advanced sound, combined with innovative and expressive design. The simplicity of their archetypal forms find endless possibilities through a wide selection of materials and finishes, engaging the senses in different ways and creating infinite design opportunities.

Landscape Acoustics

The Landscape Acoustics line is all about the sound. Our meticulous obsession with perfection is driven by their love for great sound. These sound systems continue to grow, evolve and innovate, bringing to market the most advanced sonic solutions available anywhere. The Landscape Audio series has a variety of components to make your backyard audio system rival that of a complete studio.

The diverse options come together to create the ideal soundscape for your yard. All of the equipment is constructed from high-quality weatherproof enclosures that ensure you’ll always have just the right musical ambiance when you need it. The Loudspeakers are self contained systems with built in subwoofers that add significant sound to cover 360 degrees. The real magic comes from combining two or more in the same area. By including satellite speakers and subwoofers in your yard you can round out the sound to create the ideal acoustic landscape. If you’re looking for subtleness in your yard, burial subwoofers will preserve your garden's aesthetic while providing an elusive thump. Landscape Acoustic systems use 2-way loudspeakers and versatile 10” subwoofers to achieve the ultimate boom.

Incognito Audio

Homeowners all over are using Incognito Audio solutions to unleash a refined experience that is the ultimate in design and performance. We recommend Sonance when looking for high fidelity performance and sound that seamlessly fits in your outdoor space. These speakers excel at even, balanced coverage throughout each installation location. We carry an array of outdoor audio options which guarantees we have an aesthetic to blend with your landscape, including weatherproof solutions to withstand the elements.

There are a variety of scalable outdoor options. The speakers and subwoofers deliver perfectly even volume coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any size space. The satellite speakers provide jaw-dropping sonic performance in small packages that can be installed below-ground, completely hidden from sight. The Garden Series takes elements from the satellite products and creates a simply scaled system ideal for outdoor areas up to 3,500 square feet. The Patio Series was developed for small scale spaces that deserve even, balanced coverage of great audio performance.

Pavilion Audio

The Pavillion Audio series is highly regarded in the industry for its exceptional sound quality, durability, and attention to detail in design and construction. Furthermore, the speakers are designed to be highly versatile, with a range of models available for different applications, and customizable options, allowing users to fine-tune their speaker setup to their specific preferences and needs.

Designed for residential applications, Pavilion in-ceiling speakers are engineered to deliver outstanding audio performance and durability in overhead outdoor spaces. All Pavilion speakers feature a long-excursion, DMA-optimized woofer and size-specific, silk dome tweeter for impressive bass response and superior high-frequency detail. Housed within each woofer’s chassis is a model specific, multi-order, true 2-way crossover, guarded from the elements. Each crossover network includes an electronic tweeter protection circuit designed to minimize the possibility of tweeter failure. All models incorporate a low-profile mounting bezel with an integrated tweeter bridge and a flush-mount grille for a discreet visual appearance.

Bowers & Wilkin AM-1

Bowers & Wilkins have pioneered technologies and products that have contiuosly raised the bar for audio excellence. The AM-1 speaker is designed with this excellence and performace in mind, providing sound and scale beyond its compact dimessions. The speakers are entirely sealed to keep the elements at bay. In addition to their durability, the one piece mounting stem with 220-degree rotation allows them to seemlessly fit into any outdoor space.