Video Surveillance

Camera Systems That Protect your Privacy

Surveillance Systems

Do you really want to share your security footage with the world? Consumer grade security systems share your information with the provider. This means they can see everything you do and leaves your data vulerable. With our Netray camera systems your network is based in your home which means your information is kept private. But for those that need it we can still provide remote back and access for properties that need it.

Camera Alarms and Alerts

Advancemants in technology allows for alerts to control various systems in your home. Motion tracking cameras as able to trigger measures like lights and alarms to deter intuders.

Mounted Cameras

There are two options when choosing mounted cameras. You can use either building mounted or pole mounted cameras. With your typical building mounted cameras you can have views of your front and back yards. But to go beyond that we recommend pole mounted cameras. Pole cameras provide the full view of your property and your home. By placing these poles around the perimeter of the porperty we can offer perimeter detection, alerting you the moment someone crosses the space. All of these functions work together deliver increased peace of mind.