About Us

Bri-Tech is Long Island's leading integrator of high-end electronics. What makes Bri-Tech so different is its core, a deep knowledge base of systems and engineering history. Bri-Tech's designers have been designing electronic systems for more than 20 years. From a dedicated media room to a fully integrated home system, Bri-Tech is your source for new home technologies. Visit our state-of-the-art showroom: see, hear and experience the future.

Bri-Tech is a technology integrator committed to ensuring that every device and system works in harmony with the potential that you see in your home or your office. Our team of dedicated experts is fueled by a passion for technology, and an excitement for the transformational experiences that we make possible for residential and corporate clients alike. Deeply dedicated to providing responsive, reliable, and resourceful service to all clients, Bri-Tech prides itself in its ability to bring a client’s vision for their space to life—whether that space is a cutting edge corporate video conferencing suite or an home in which automation technology makes life more seamless than before. With expertise in everything from luxury home theater systems to cuttingedge commercial safety systems, Bri-Tech acts as a technological concierge for every project—always available to answer questions or provide support, and holistic in its knowledgebase of the systems and devices that successful homeowners and business leaders are seeking. Bri-Tech has developed a repertoire of satisfied clients after nearly three decades of operating in the metropolitan New York area, cementing its reputation as the rare local firm with the technical prowess to solve even the most complex technical challenges. As technology evolves, a partnership with Bri-Tech is an assurance that your home or business will evolve right along with it.

Our Mission

To build, install, and maintain the technology solutions that sustain and enhance the lives and productivity of successful homeowners and business leaders.

Long Island's most discerning homeowners, business owners and builders choose Bri-Tech because:

  • Bri-Tech has the experience and trusted reputation to ensure our clients the greatest value and continued support.
  • We are direct dealers for many leading companies in the business, which guarantees that we receive the latest products, training and support.
  • Bri-Tech has a state of the art design center with five rooms including a custom theater, touch screens, lighting automation, and much more.
  • We go far beyond simply reselling and installing the manufacturer's products by developing our own professionally integrated systems with custom software and graphics.
  • Bri-Tech systems come with a 1-year warranty that covers every product and service we provide. If we installed it in your home or business, we will come to you for service, all parts and labor included